‘Out Shopping’

'Out Shopping'

As I have already intimated in previous blog entries; I am not the most enthusiastic shopper on the planet even at the best of times.

Don’t get me wrong now; I fully understand and respect those couples who have maybe not long been together, who are perhaps still very early into their relationship.

From memory I seem to recall that I tended to be a lot more understanding when it came to going out to the shops with my better half.

I remember I tried to share in her enthusiasm and I worked hard to demonstrate my interest in her selecting new clothes or gifts or accessories etc.

However; despite my many years of trying my best I never truly mastered the skills required and now as it was then; I inevitably arrive at a point when my patience and normally very tolerant attitude wears thin.

Luckily for me neither my wife or indeed my daughter ever ask me to go shopping these days.

I think I can understand why!

With those memories in mind I really felt that the facial expression on the young guys face in todays photograph summed up exactly how I am sure many others have felt in similar situations?

Whilst I was waiting with my wife for our taxi to arrive in the foyer of this store I overheard these two young people talking.

It was clear they had recently arrived back at the original store where their shopping expedition had started and were negotiating whether or not a particular pair of heels were nice or not?

Standing alongside them I clearly heard the guy issue a deep sigh; then closing his eyes considerately said “Babe; if you really like them just go and get them… please?”
She waited a minute or two crossed her arms then responded with “But do you think they suited me?”
“I did; I really liked them babe honest, now can we go and get them please”

This was preceeded with a long period of complete silence after which the young woman turned and said “Do you know what…let’s just leave it shall we?”

At this point I gathered up our purchases and slipped quietly away leaving them both standing there and not saying a single word to one another.

It’s can prove very stressful you know; this shopping malarkey?

9 thoughts on “‘Out Shopping’

  1. Shopping can bring out the best and worst in people! I don’t mind shopping unless it is really busy or around major holidays. I enjoy shopping at markets in Asia and even the shopping malls over there. Here in Canada? No thanks! Nice shot; the expressions are excellent.

    • I totally agree with you. Markets in Asia sound much more inviting! I love Canada. I have relatives in BC
      Thank you for your response and welcomed comment.
      Take care my friend

  2. I love their body language. The poor guy looks exasperated … kind of like a husband. It’s weird, I grew up in house full of women, so I’m totally comfortable shopping, yet I only attract women who hate shopping. My daughter thinks I have the same taste she does, so she loves going with me.


    • Thank you for your kind comment Bill. I also have three sisters who love to shop. But between you an me; my daughter and I sneak out together sometimes and she just seems to get her old man and knows exactly when to suggest we take a break for coffee or go for a breakfast, or look at shops with cameras in the window! Consequently I never seem to get stressed as much and I love that she has so much patience and consideration. Great hearing from you and I agree about the guys expression…priceless! Bob

      Sent from my iPad


  3. It’s NUTS! I HATE shopping with a passion, even when it’s for myself. When I must do it, the mission is to know exactly what I want, get in there, beeline to it, get it through the checkout and out of the store as hastily as possible. I can’t stand shopping with my wife, who loves to shop. Clothes, groceries, furniture, whatever; the indecision and lollygagging will either kill me or institutionalize me.

    • That’s probably what I should have said but wasn’t quite be as articulate as you have just been? I’m with you though in truth!! Thank you for taking the time to visit and for your valid comments Regards Bob Sent from my iPad


  4. “But do you think they suited me?”
    “I did; I really liked them babe honest, now can we go and get them please”

    I laughed out loud at this.

    I did not inherit the shopping gene. I do it out of necessity, and I do like to look pulled together, but I can hardly inflict the torture on myself. I most certainly won’t do it to someone I love.

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