‘That Expression’

'The Expression'

Today I popped over to Petersfield as it’s been a little while since I have been over there.

The weather was damp over-cast and drizzly; and so most of the stall holders in the tiny market square today, were trying hard to drum up some trade and to make some decent sales.

But aside from the dedicated stall holders, only a small number of local people were prepared to be out and about. Those that were out could be seen gripping their hoods tightly around their faces and with their umbrellas up defying the elements.
Reluctantly they went about their business hurrying around the village, and only stopping if it was really necessary.

In contrast most of the cafes and bars today were busy; as the more savvy shoppers had taken shelter and were staying in the warm!

Initially there didn’t seem to be many photo opportunites to take advantage of although I had previously noticed these two gentlemen and was taken with their likeness to one another.
To make things a little more interesting though; as they both past by me they looked very serious like they were on a mission of some description.

They were both wearing some quite official looking badge identification; which I was unfortunately unable to read and both were carrying bags.

It was only as I left the square that I saw them both pitch up opposite me sitting down on one of Petersfield’s vacant rain soaked benches.

Simultaneously they removed from their bags two plastic vacuum sealed lunch boxes.
And commenced eating their lunch together in the drizzle and rain.

As I crossed the road towards them I began to raise the camera. Quickly focusing I snapped this image.

I am still unsure exactly what the guy on the left was studying with his right hand open and extended in front of him?
But it was the fixed expression which I received from his colleague which was enough to make me realise that neither myself nor my camera, were exactly welcome!

However, despite my interpretation that this capture was perhaps an unwelcome intrusion into what was a rather damp and frugal lunch break; I really was quite pleased with the end result.

6 thoughts on “‘That Expression’

    • That’s an interesting perspective. I shall take another look immediately! Many thanks for your observation and kind comment my friend. Regards Bob

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