‘Twice as Tired’

'Twice as Tired'

When our two were small I can remember my missus being worn out by their antics; and of me having to take my turn at trying to get one or other them off to sleep!

The kids on the other hand; would usually be over tired at this point, and therefore were having none of it!

However, there were two things that I could almost guarantee would get them off to sleep.

Firstly, if I put one or both of them in the back seat of my 4 x 4 and took them out for a drive, then almost always I would return with them slumbering their heads off and in the land of nod.

Conversly; I could have done what this mother had chosen to do?
With both her children firmly secured in this double buggy she had gone out walking with them. And she walked, and she walked, and she walked!

And eventually as she pushes them the final stretch through the market square, they are completely and utterly away with the fairies.

I can equally recall walking for miles whilst all the time constantly checking and double checking their sleep progress; until they were eventually and without question; completely asleep!

It’s would have been hard to describe the great sense of personal accomplishment I felt as I quietly complimented myself on my own self determination in this challenging task.

As I continued pushing and eventually got them closer home I would be completely knackered but nonetheless triumphant.

Eventually though I would be standing outside the front door of what at that time would have been our bed-sit.
Standing there with the pram tipped back slightly trying to maintain their comfort whilst still observing them both and truly relishing the moment when the door would be opened when I could then proudly present my wife with my two sleeping children.

I could soon sit down and tell her my tale of how through my own supreme efforts I had achieved the desired effect, which she could see with her own eyes?

Sporting a satisfied air of contentment I knocked the door!
But…as soon it opened they both sprung into life, looked up, and said ‘MUUM!’

I further remember thinking; “Thats just my frickin luck that is…bleeding kids, who’d have em eh?” Or words to that effect at least.

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