‘Wait for Me’

'Wait for Me'

Despite waiting until nearly lunch-time today, there didn’t really seem to be any promise of a natural break in the weather.

So in frustration I stuck my camera gear in my sports bag, jumped into the car, and headed out towards Fareham shopping centre.

My plan was that firstly I would sort out some letters I needed to post, and then to see if I might be lucky enough to grab a couple of decent street shots; thus killing two birds with one stone, or so the saying goes?

Driving conditions were not their best and I spent most of the journey either driving around or directly through large expanses of rain water which had accumulated at the side of the roads; particularly where the camber was uneven.

I felt lucky having the comfort and warmth of the car today.
I was feeling relaxed; enjoying listening to my favourite James Taylor tracks with my drivers heated seat activated and nothing but time for myself.

Driving on over Portsdown Hill I past many people whose clothes were dripping wet. Some huddled together queuing for buses, whilst others were hurriedly splashing through puddles desperate for shelter from the biting cold rain.

I was pleased to arrive to find Fareham Car park was by no means busy. So I got myself parked up and decided to take the stroll through the town first in the vain hope that there might be something worth capturing; even something amusing despite the fearful weather.

Well my decision proved a good one; because I had’nt been walking long when out of the shops opposite I saw this Mum and Dad quickly exit a store pushing up their umbrella as they left and then briskly rush off towards the arcade opposite.
As I watched them attempting to limit their exposure to the rain fall they both just suddenly stopped dead, and commenced to turn on there heels on the spot!

It was only then when I noticed this little lad in shot; trying his best to catch the pair up.

Their little lad who also had an umbrella; had not been quite so adept at putting it up on leaving with his parents. Consequently he was left some way behind and struggling.

Eventually though they were all reunited and Dad eagerly scooped the little lad up in his arms then holding tightly onto Mum, they all ran off together and into the arcade.

Meanwhile I stood there dripping whilst checking the image through the foggy rain dotted screen of my camera.

Then heading off I again spotted the family, now all safe inside the arcade and laughing loudly as they shook the rain from their sodden Jackets and brolly’s.

3 thoughts on “‘Wait for Me’

    • Thank you Eric! I really don’t mind the rain normally but at the moment it’s causing major disruption to some poor folk who have been flooded several times! Hope you are well my friend? Regards Bob

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