‘Prime Location’

'Prime Location'

This venue really isn’t much to look at; as I think you would probably agree?
It looks quite bleak and unwelcoming!

But this view is what greets you as you come down the stairs from the dark oppressive and leaky car park above the shopping mall.

It is here that you will usually find this young guy busking with his guitar. Not only is it good acoustically but as an added bonus, he’s actually quite a nice fella; always chatty and approachable.

However he is equally shrewd. You see this spot where he sets himself up to sing is right outside the lifts; so consequently he get’s the punters as they come and go.

He is further blessed as he is located between both main stair wells which come down from the multi story car park; and therefore in the perfect situation for any shoppers ascending or descending either of these!

And as if that weren’t enough; It is also the main access route to both the Ladies and Gents toilets just over to his right.

Finally then, and directly in front of him; queue the many people waiting to pay their car park fees.

I guess you could say that to his credit; he had really thought to give himself the very best shot at this busking venture before eventually embarking out upon it?

Now if as in this case; he can sing reasonably well and in addition confidently play the basic chord shapes…then what can possibly go wrong?

All I know is It works for me. Because each time I visit here I readily part with any of my loose change into his cap, before making my way upstairs.

I can also assure you that I was only one of many today that appreciated the sounds of a cheerful melodic voice cutting warmly through the cold bitterness of the day.

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