‘Waiting for my son’

'Waiting for my son'

I got up early this morning and the sun was shining!

“That’s it” I said to my wife; “I’m off to Southsea and I’m going for a really long walk”
True to my word, after a quick cuppa and some porridge I headed off out.

My objective being to walk the length of the promenade from Eastney and through into Old Portsmouth.

All in all it’s over six miles so although the weather today was brisk and very invigorating; it was a hugely bracing and very enjoyable experience!

It was equally great to see so many people out and about.
There were loads of kids zipping along to peels of laughter on their little scooters. There were joggers galore maintaining their New Year’s resolutions to get fit.
And there were fishermen; lots of fishermen…all wrapped well for the cold snap and all concentrating hard on their rod tips, hoping to strike themselves a juicy mackerel or flat fish.

I had been out a while and had been shooting off quite a few images throughout the walk and was just crossing over from the local rose gardens, which as you might imagine don’t have too many blooms in evidence at this particular time of the year, when I saw this young woman standing there with the sun directly behind her.

She was completely motionless and watching out for her little boy who was playing with a friend on the pebble beach just below where she was standing.

He had therefore entrusted his mum to guard his scooter and his little sports bag. Both of which can be seen neatly placed at his mums feet.

I tried to set up the camera quickly and managed to grab this quite reflective looking image.

Some of the other shots today I will endeavour to put up later; as the light was gorgeous casting some really long shadows.

For me there aren’t many things better than just strolling about with a camera looking for snaps whilst breathing in the fresh air and seeing people happily enjoying their Sunday time off. Spending it either on their own, with the kids, or as a family.

I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be so close to the seaside and to be able to be there in a few minutes to enjoy it’s constantly changing vista.

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