This capture was taken yesterday whilst I walked along the ‘Hot Walls’ towards Old Portsmouth.

I was originally waiting for the Wight Rider II Catamaran to sail past as it usually does at this time. However, for one reason or another it seemed to be rather slow in arriving. Out of curiosity I then leaned over the railings which overlook this popular secluded beach area below; and I patiently waited and observed whilst the figures below slowly assembled into this interesting little panorama.

I liked the mix of activities all taking place within the frame and loved the barking labrador acting very puppy like and overly excited at the prospect of retrieving a stick about to be thrown by it’s owner.
Meanwhile her two friends stroll casually away deeply engrossed in their private conversation.

Then the image of the young lad doing something that arguably every one of us at some time must have participated in? The old skimming stones over the surf technique! He seemed completely pre-occupied with this, whilst his family stood there encouraging him and looking on.
All of them appeared to be thoroughly enjoying their day out together.

Then the woman who has wandered off far right in the picture, and who has joyfully located what she obviously considers the perfect flat pebble. This she was already planning to hurl skillfully dancing over the surface of the waves.

In the foreground though looking as if it was moving slowly away from the group activities and curiously out of context; was this isolated little childs buggy.

It seemed the more I studied it’s form, the more I convinced myself that it bore more than a fleeting resemblance; from my aerial viewpoint at least to the ‘Mars Exploration Rover’

So although I may have missed out on my original planned image capture, at least I could state categorically that on this beach this very day; there was definitely evidence of human and indeed animal life!

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