‘Basement Flat’

'Basement Flat'

I was headed back along the the beach over at Hayling Island today when over in the far distance I spotted this funiture which included chairs and mattresses all of which were stacked up outside on of the larger seafront properties over there.

My curiosity got the better of me then and I thought I should take a stroll over and maybe get a photograph.

A I got closer however, I saw these two characters both sitting on chairs outside the property and enjoying a smoke together in the morning sunshine.

Having now commited myself I didn’t want to just take a photograph and then leave without first speaking to them.

So I politely said ‘Hey Guys, how you doing today?” they both smiled and acknowledged my presence, albeit a little cautiously.

“Is all of this damage due to the recent weather?” “Yep!…You would never believe it would you?” the bearded guy responded.

“That’s awful” I said, “Is this all from your flat?” ‘Nah” came the reply, ours was okay.

Glancing upwards I noted there was four floors to the premises. “It’s a big place, are you getting some help with all of this?”

“Yeah they said, almost collectively; this lot should all be gone by tomorrow!”

I quickly snapped this image before thanking them both and saying that I was pleased for them that their properties hadn’t been affected.

“Thanks mate” smiled the guy with the beard”
“You take care then guys…be lucky”
“Yeah, you too” I said giving them both a quick wave of the hand.

Walking away I suddenly heard them both coughing with laughter; and one of them suddenly shouted out to me “I think we was lucky already mate…we never rented the basement flat?”

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