Old Portsmouth again and on the Millenium walk-way up above the beach at the Hot Walls.

I had been walking for a few miles and was enjoying all the various sights in front of me which had been sufficient in variety to hold and sustain my interest.

The mid-day sun was high in the sky, and incredibly bright; so I was quite pleased at the time to have it at my back for the shots which had so far managed to capture.

Climbing the steps ahead I noted there was a family group in front of me; and they all looked quite puzzled as they were reading a local street map. They were turning it around in different directions and pointing put landmarks to one another; presumably endeavouring to make some sense of it!

Alongside them by then I heard “Scuse me” I turned and saw it was the lady with the map in her hand “Are we going the right direction for the hovercraft please?”

“You certainly are” I responded “If you just continue walking ahead and through the fun fair the hovercraft booking office is on your right. It’s not too far at all”

“Thank you very much” she said in a broad Scottish twang. “We are down from Glasgow and promised to visit our relatives who live in Ventnor; do you know it?” “I do” I replied

“It’s only a ten minute trip over to the Island by hovercraft” I informed her “I’m sure you will all enjoy the trip today…especially the kids” “Just make sure that your passports are all in order” I joked

A look of total dismay then came over this ladies face; as she said solemly “PASSPORTS! Really?”
“No No…Sorry I was only joking with you; you won’t need passports honestly!”

“Her mouth then fell open as she firmly planted her hand flat onto her chest and gasped “Oh thank God for that, you really had me going there!”

As they walked away from me in the direction of the Fun Fair all laughing to themselves; I turned around and snapped this image.

It just seemed to put this impromptu meeting, into some sort of perspective.

(Did you see what I just did there?)

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