“Let Me Out!”

This is ‘Honey’

Unfortunately for her though she no longer fits in the cat flap on the kitchen door. The best she can now achieve in terms of gaining her freedom at least; is to squeeze her head through the narrow space of the ‘catmate’ fitting.

Honey also has a friend who resides with her, who is known as ‘Titch’

As I am sure you will all appreciate the clue is in her name!

She is more a handbag dog; and so tiny that she could more than likely get out of this cat flap even with Honey’s head still in there?

Whenever I am over here visiting she will pop in an out at regular intervals, hoping for some attention. She is particularly active whenever there are any children outside playing.

Poor Honey on the other hand can only stand and look longingly on; she will cry and whine sometimes even howl in the desperate hope that someone might walk over to her and stroke her face and muzzle.

I actually get to enjoy this spectacle on a regular basis, primarily because this pair live right next door to my son, with their family. Both dogs are an absolute joy, and share a friendly and incredibly gentle disposition.

As an added bonus of late, and in no small part to this recent awful weather we have experienced; the dividing garden fence collapsed!
So at the moment; when the family are all home together, both Honey and Titch usually get to roam through their garden freely.

However, this freedom has now been extended to morning visits into my son and daughter in laws garden and occasionally their kitchen.

Much it has to be said; to the delight of their three children.

But all good things must come to an end once the weather has improved and the fence is returned back to normal?

I think both dogs are real characters although I secretly adore Honey. Therefore, I just wanted to introduce her to you all via tonights blog.

“Don’t you just love that little face?”

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