‘Here’s looking at you babe’

'Here's looking at you babe'

In truth there is no actual story to accompany this image today.

I was passing by and I literally happened to glance over at this couple as they waited for their food order to arrive, whilst down at the fun fair in Southsea.

I turned around pointed my lens in their general direction and snapped this photograph.
These people were certainly ‘loved up’ that much at least was apparent!

I liked the reassurance and natural warmth which her smile seemed to generate. Her face lit up with the devotion shared between them both.

However, it wasn’t until I returned home and downloaded this capture that I picked up on the nice little detail of the guys image reflected within the lens of the womans sunglasses.

The whole reason that I decided to take this shot in the first place, was because these two were so obviously besotted with one another. For them nothing else in the world was even remotely of interest or concern.

So despite the fact that it was taken quickly and without very much thought; it is an image which I remain really pleased with.

Just two people blissfully happy in each others company and sharing a relationship which could truly be described as one of complete devotion.

Love is a hugely powerful emotion! And when it happens…it is usually all consuming.

I think it would be fair to say that this couple were in the all consuming phase.

“Here’s looking at you babes”

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