‘Upwardly Mobile”

'Upwardly Mobile''

I wanted to include this shot. It was one which I took whilst on holiday recently.

We had stopped off for a beer in this stunning little place. Unique inasmuch as it was a walled fortress!

At it’s heart though was this quaint ‘higgledy piggledy’ combination of shops and bars and gift shops.

What struck me first though was not the lay out of the place or indeed it’s cleanliness; nor was it and relaxing atmosphere and cosmopolitan feel.

Rather, it was the vast array of small groups of young people all huddled together earphones in situ, sat around the stone walled base of a very large tree which was planted centrally within this beautiful courtyard.

Each one of these young people were holding on tightly to a mobile phone. Some were either holding these at arms length, some were held high above their heads, some were frantically shaking theirs around; but all were desperately seeking an elusive clearer signal.

The lucky ones however were already chatting, having overcome the obvious initial challenges.

Honestly, I kid you not! There must have been at least 40-50 youngsters all sitting around in various parts of this courtyard, and all on their phones!

I decided to take a walk up to the top of a stair case which was situated directly opposite where we were enjoying our beverages.

Once at the top I stood on the platformed flooring, leaned over the rails and asually fired off a couple of aerial shots taking in the vista below.

Then turning around I then began my descent back down to ground level. In doing so however I happened to take a quick peek between the stair rails when I noticed yet another young guy taking up his particular position and opening up the cover on his mobile phone.

The image looked quite interesting from my particular vantage point at the time, and slightly out of context from the previous safe and more predictable shots I had just taken. Hopefully making for a more quizzical image?

8 thoughts on “‘Upwardly Mobile”

  1. I think the youth of today have forgotten how to talk without technology helping them. I have to admit, I now do a lot of texting to Celeste, but that is because we are 4000 miles apart lol. Keep taking these interesting shots with the great dialog to go with them 🙂

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