Walking along the sea front I couldn’t help but be drawn towards this lovely lady sitting there with her black labrador dog by her side.

Both were looking very relaxed and settled, just taking in the morning sunshine.

For whatever reason I was really taken with her dog; and as I always do, I asked if I might stroke him and say hi?

But as I walked closer in their direction I sensed the ladies grip tighten on the dogs leash. He was nervous as he stood up from his seated position and let out a low warning growl.

Holding back I checked if I might stroke him, and at this point he began to bark.

“Sorry dear” said the owner ‘I’m still socialising him you see?”

“No problem” I replied “I completely understand; he is such a handsome dog though, and with such a trusting face?”

“If you want you could sit down a while with us and I’m sure he will come round to you”

And so; not having to be anywhere in a hurry, I sat myself down alongside the lady and we just talked.

We spoke about how herself and her husband had rescued this gorgeous animal after he had been ill treated, and how between them both they had taken him to a range of places putting him in a variety of noisy situations and all in the hope he might become more socially relaxed and less anxious of people or his surroundings.

“He is a stunning dog” I said to her “I am pleased for him that you were able to see past his issues and still take him on. I feel sure that he will reward you both eventually?”

“We both loved him as soon as we saw him” she smiled
“We have been working with him for over two months now and he seems to be improving slowly”

“I’m sure he will do you proud” I reassured her.

“Well the best I can hope for today then is maybe he would let me take his photograph before I head off, what do you think?” “Of course you may” she said

Standing up I took a couple of steps back; lined up the viewer, and grabbed this shot.

“Thanks very much” I said “It was a pleasure meeting with you both today”

“I shall look forward to seeing how he’s doing over the next few weeks as I am sure we will bump into each other again?”

“I’m sure we will” she replied “and thank you for stopping to chat”

“It was my pleasure” I said “For what it’s worth I think you’re doing a wonderful job with him”

I waved and walked away leaving them both sitting there. Hoping I had got my photo, I quickly checked the image on my camera screen.

I smiled…there it was!

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