‘The X Factor’

'The X Factor'

It got pretty cold down in Old Portsmouth today.

There I was; heading in the general direction of ‘Gunwharf Quays’ after what could only be described as a marathon walk.
Now the thing was; for some inexplicable reason today everyone…and I mean everyone, seemed to be out doing something to get fit!

It seemed that from the minute I stepped out of my car to commence my morning constitution, I was being lapped by joggers? They ranged from the ages of 5 right up to 85! Each with varying degrees of fitness.

Some struggled by me sweating panting and puffing barely able to reply to my polite morning greetings to them.
Whilst others; just looked like they were out for an afternoon stroll, and came zipping by me moving effortlessly!

Further on around Canoe lake there were several five a side football matches going on, whilst on Southsea common itself there were groups of lycra clad males and females all being rigourously put through their paces by a large and muscular PTI who was shouting at them whilst brandishing a stop watch in his hand.

There were people dragging windproof tops and trainers from out of the boot of their cars and taking off on roller blades or skateboards into oblivion.

Soon though, this was becoming overwhelming for me. It was all getting too much; this plethora of fervered activity.

So for my own sanity I strolled away off the beaten track and instead took a path down around Portsmouth Cathedral grounds.
It is usually nice and quiet down there and the buildings and architecture are fascinating.

So there I was, happily enjoying the tranquilty on offer, when suddenly I hear the familiar sounds of feet pounding the pavement, and that loud irregular breathing.

And when I look over the road in front of me I spy these two individuals. Now in all fairness they certainly were both dressed impressively, and definitely did look the part.
Initially though they were held up by oncoming traffic but I watched as they both jogged there panting on the spot, whilst checking quickly to their left and right.

Suddenly the road ahead was clear and so they dashed over close to where I was standing.

With camera to hand I had hoped to get an action shot; but instead they literally made the kerb and then stopped dead in their tracks. Both stopping to read the news on the parish noticeboard.

Disappointed I carried on my way. But on looking over my shoulder I saw that they were done reading and were now walking off together. I raised the camera as the lady glanced over at me taking this shot.

Judging by her professional apparell though; I’m still not totally convinced that after just this short burst of physical activity I had witnessed; she would be considered as having been a worthy contender for X-factor?

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