‘Spider Man?’

'Spider Man'

A day to myself today and so I wasted little time in grabbing the camera and heading out to Chichester.

It’s a place I have featured before on my blog; and a place I always enjoy visiting.

Firstly it has a friendly atmosphere despite it being a very busy little town.
Secondly, it offers some great photo opportunities; usually more than enough to keep the interest of anyone interested in candid or street photography captures in particular.

With it’s magnificent visually dominant Cathedral Spier, it’s wide range of shops and eateries, the pubs and recreational facilities, it is a wonderful place to walk about in and to explore at ones leisure.

I managed to snap quite a few images whilst there and although it was very cold and many shoppers were wrapped accordingly, it made for some interseting character shots and proved a really enjoyable visit where I was able to spend a good two hours of my morning savouring what I love to do most.

I sat outside a little cafe and wrapped my cold fingers around a steaming hot coffee, even added a cheese pastie into the equation and truthfully felt completely content and in my element.

Sitting watching the ever changing scene around me I remember thinking to myself; It really is all about the simple pleasures in life.

Then taking a satisfying sip of my comforting coffee I bit hungrily into the warm pastie crust. Then with my serviette at the ready; I contentedly savoured the hot melting cheese inside.

Once home I spent a little time trying to decide which one of my captures to publish.

Then after some minor deliberations I decided to select this one.

I have titled it ‘Spider Man’ mainly because It amused me greatly to suddenly see this character in frame apparently clinging to the outer wall of ‘The HSBC Bank’ there in the High Street?

I am still completely perplexed as to exactly what he was doing there; just stuck there motionless in this strange fixed pose?

But then my excitement was heightened when I spotted what initially looked like finger activated web shooters? You know the ones… worn on the wrists and able to fire strands of thick glop?

However, this was clearly all down to my somewhat over active imagination as this proved to be nothing more than a standard issue metal tape measure!

But for that one brief moment, I honestly thought I had caught on camera Chichester’s very own Super Hero?

Alas though…this was not the case!

It was about then I decided I might demonstrate my own very unique super power…
And I quickly disappeared.

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