‘No Rain Mum!’

'No rain Mum!'

Had to pop over to Gosport this morning and the high street was virtually deserted.

As I walked through I noticed that most of the shops were practically empty. Except for those who had decided to brave the elements.

Like the hardy gang of workmen out today drilling the pavement carrying out underground pipe repairs; all in their flourescent safety gear, and all looking thoroughly fed up and disgruntled at having heard on their radio that yet another ‘Amber Alert’ weather warning was now in place for many parts of the UK.

I felt for them though; the temperature was bitter cold and the strong winds just seemed to be increasing all the time. Signs were being blown down and the tables and chairs which had been some might say rather optimistically placed were now being scattered about the street.

But whilst I was here in Gosport this very morning; apart from the high winds and bitter cold; there was no rain!


Not a drop…I couldn’t believe it!

Then as I began to head off down towards the ferry terminal I just couldn’t resist taking a snap of this little kid standing there in her laced up boots and carrying her little Minnie Mouse umbrella.

She was happily waiting so patiently for her Mum to sort out the younger child in the pushchair when she suddenly and very elegantly raised her left hand palm up from underneath her brolly; then extended her fingers. It was as if she needed to confirm to herself that there was indeed not a spot of the wet stuff to be felt anywhere.

She then unfurled the brolly and commenced skipping alongside her Mum and towards the supermarket.

It could only have been literally seconds after they had moved off that the heavens opened up!
Lashing rain which the wind quickly caught and sent spinning in all directions.

Consequently, the pace to the shops for the little girl and her Mum and the child in the pushchair quickly hastened to a running pace!

Luckily they were’nt far from shelter and I saw them dash in through the doors of the supermarket frantically shaking the rain off their saturated clothing.

I honestly question if this rain is ever going to stop!
So tightening the draw strings on the hood of my jacket and trying hard to see clearly through the lenses of my glasses which were now well spattered with rain; I turned against the wind.

Looking one final time along the length of the high street; I saw it was now completely empty.

Arriving at the car park I pressed the key fob to open my car door and slid damply onto the drivers seat. The windows were now all fully steamed up and so I turned all of the fans to full; and just waited there until the windscreen and the rear window had cleared.

Maybe not the best day for photography!

“Wonder what tomorrow’s forecast might bring” I said to myself rather sarcastically?

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