‘Watch the Birdie’

'Watch the Birdie'

Taking one look out the window this morning and just hearing the weather forecast on the local radio station I have decided to have a day indoors today.

I spent the first part of my lazy morning drinking copious amounts of tea; but eventually ended up sitting at the computer reflecting back to sunnier times whilst sifting through my library of holiday photographs.

I am not it has to be said, the most organised of individuals; but I do enjoy stumbling across images which I had forgotten I had even taken. This then was one such capture.

It was taken at ‘Fort Rif’ which was a particularly memorable visit of the many we experienced and one where I vividly recalled wandering around and soaking up the warmth and the peace of the atmosphere.

It’s strange on holiday; I always seem to be much less tense when it comes to capturing images? There isn’t the hesitancy I sense sometimes at home when walking through the streets or the towns.

It’s all psychological I know, but I always feel completely in my element when taking pictures abroad.

Having read what many experts in this field have written I like to try and find images that show that spark of emotion; although these can often be few and far between.

However, these two little lads seen here running in front of their Mum and Dad in pursuit of this rather skinny example of a pigeon; were clearly highly excited, and caught up in the moment!

I love the way the bigger brother is directing operations. At this point both appear totally convinced they are about to catch their prey.

Meanwhile both parents look on closely behind their boys. Dad casually carrying his little girl up in his arms whilst Mum appeares desperate for a sit down?

Observing the expression on the face of the boys sister however it would appear that she seemed quite anxious to now get down from the safety of Dad’s arm, and to join both her brothers in the hunt!

In the end her Dad gave in (as most Dad’s do!) and she was put down to join in on the fun.

But despite the best efforts of all three little hunters the pigeon casually flew off perching high on the wall above the children whilst cooing back at them; almost indignantly.

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