‘The Lost Balloon’

I packed my better half off with her pals today.

Having dutifully dropped them all off at the local Railway Station in Cosham; I waved them goodbye as they boarded their train and were off for their long anticipated ‘girlie 70s music weekend’ at Butlins in Bognor Regis (Living the dream eh?)

And by way of a complete change the weather here was very mild and sunny; and so now being a free man; I headed off down to Palmerton Road where I thought that I might treat myself to a breakfast in my favourite cafe ‘Smiles’

It was just after mid-day when I got there and as I walked towards the cafe I heard the most beautiful clear violin music coming from the high street.
I decided to investigate.

My spirits were soon lifted when there in the high street stood this seriously happy friendly old gentleman puppeteer; I watched as he deftly and very skillfully controlled and manipulated this tiny wooden violinist on the stage beneath him. It was a very primitive set up but obviously crafted with lots of love.

Whilst admiring this beautifully constructed little tri-fold stage mounted on top of a small two wheeled trolley and complete with a small polished wood hand built music speaker I was seriously impressed by quality of the music it produced. In addition to the performing violinist he had also carved other individual characters and a selection of farmyard chickens and woodland creatures.
All totally original and genuinely captivating in it’s simplicity.

I placed some change into his collecting tin and as I turned I glimpsed this little girl holding tightly onto her mother hand and sobbing loudly. Then looking up above where they were walking I saw this solitary balloon which had just slipped from her grip and was now well and truly out of reach!

Inconsolably she pleaded with her Dad to help retrieve it, but to no avail. It was difficult to see her so upset and it was made worse when the little family remained together standing still; and all looking up at the balloon on the balastrade high above the shops.

For whatever reason I couldn’t help but feel for this little girl and so decided to seek the shop which sold these balloons, and to purchase her a new one.

This done I walked back to where the little girl was still standing with her Mother and seeking approval from her I handed the little girl this new balloon. Her little face just lit up with the most beautiful smile!

I asked if I might take a quick picture and Mum also smiled in approval.
Then thanking them both, I turned to head back for my late breakfast appointment.

As I did so I saw the girls father approaching me. He shook me warmly by the hand and said “Thank you my brother, thank you” “Can I tell you what I told my wife and daughter sir?” “Of course” I replied “By all means”

“I told them to pray” he said.

Then at that precise moment the errant balloon above us was suddenly caught in a breeze and the small plastic weight attached to the string dragged it over the roofing and down to where we were both standing. Smiling broadly and once more grabbing my hand; he hugged me saying “thank you…you answered their prayer”

I just stood there for a few minutes a bit taken aback watching this little family walk away; I even snapped a shot of them all. I was really touched though when the family stopped further on and they all turned to wave goodbye.

Well, as the old saying goes…

“No act of kindness; however small; is ever wasted!”

Tonight I feel warm and very blessed. Now then, what am I going to have for my tea?

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