‘Hair Today’

'Hair Today'

I have just returned home after spending the whole afternoon watching the Six Nations Rugby.

Unfortunately the friends hosting this afternoons entertainment insisted that I drank scotch and shared nibbles.

So not wishing to appear inhospitable; I partook of their hospitality.

First came Ireland who resoundingly trounced Wales at their home ground.

But then the came the main event for me at least; ‘The Clash of the Auld Enemy’ Now me being a Scot was looking forward to a similar trouncing from my team against England!

Alas…this was not to be!

Although in fairness I remain resolute that one day I will be celebrating with the winning side.

Anyway; as if to add insult to injury I was the only Scotland supporter amongst England supporters and I am still home alone! So I couldn’t even return home to moan and bemuse about the disappointing result.

In truth, today was a complete wash out for me!

Because first thing this morning despite the forecast I went down to walk the Seafront, where the winds were so high that I honestly believed I would be physically lifted up and blown away into oblivion.

However, feeling weather beaten I detoured into the town.

Walking through and slowly recovering from my storm bashing I happened across these two characters sitting opposite and in deep conversation.

Initially was fascinated by the length of the woman’s hair and how the guy with whom she was conversing was probably secretly quite envious of her impressive blonde mane?

Being follicly challenged myself; I felt obliged to record the moment and then consider how I myself might have worn my hair were I indeed fortunate enough to possess as much as this young woman?

I think I would have been outrageous and would have made a complete spectacle of myself. Sadly though my hair and me parted company at an early age.

I do remember though being thoroughly fed up trying to make what remained look half decent, and told my wife one day through sheer frustration that I was going to go upstairs into our bathroom and shave it all off!

Her initial response was that she would not walk out anywhere with me were I to do so.

Many years later I am pleased to say that she does infact walk out with me; and more to the point she now quite likes the look. However, I must admit I would have liked to have had a full head of hair!

But being a realist…I have to accept my lot.

‘Hair today gone tomorrow’

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