‘Got today all mapped out guys!’

'Got today all mapped out guys!'

This fantastic street wall mural featured in the background of today’s image is a well photographed feature at it’s junction between Granada Road and Waverley Road in Southsea.

I had literally just driven by there today when I noticed these three young people out skateboarding together.

They were setting their boards up in the centre of the main road, here in the foreground of frame; from where in between any brief gaps in the traffic flow they then propelled the board forward; hopped up onto the kerb; and skated along the pavements edge.

From a photographic perspective I thought that the juxtaposition of the painted characters; that’s both those standing at ground level and the ones observing from their window above… made for quite a cheeky but interesting little capture.

Although in truth I had hoped to achieve a somewhat better composition, I was only able to quickly snatch this image after having parked my vehicle up on double yellow lines directly opposite.

Initially it looked as if they were intending to stay a while at this location so I decided to park further up the road and then returned with my camera; all set to shoot some more images from possibly better angles than the first attempt?

However as with most chance situations one stumbles across such as this; my hopes were dashed.

And unfortunately on my returning to the scene I found the three young skateboarders, along with the ‘chance situation’ itself; had both moved on!

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