‘Top Dog’

'Top Dog'

Found myself back in the area of Palmerston Road again today; mainly because in this precinct there are shops and cafe’s where one can dive into should a sudden downpour occur…(Highly unlikely I hear you say?)

Now the reason I wanted to capture this image, was that firstly, I felt it had some amusement value; and secondly because when you study the shot, you could easily be forgiven if you were of the belief that the dog seen sitting proudly up on it’s owners lap was the boss?

However, initial impressions can often be misleading!

You see despite the dog seen here perched high on it’s owners lap; in what he considers to be the more superior dominant position? You might be surprised to learn that the little ‘Scottie’ seen here at ground level, was without doubt the one in charge?

Whilst I looked on with interest as the owner waited for the coffee and cakes to arrive. I clearly observed the lap dog skillfully using all of it’s learned behaviours in order to maximise the levels of attention from it’s doting female owner.

In short it took full advantage of being out of contact with the Scottie, feeling convinced it would be free to do and to act in ways which would ordinarily be quickly challenged by it’s smaller furry counterpart!

But alas! Despite him having enjoyed his brief moment in the limelight, and feeling like he was definitely ‘Top Dog!’ Once placed back down to floor level, and faced with the reality of an equal and shared partnership; he reluctantly settled back into ‘knowing his place!’

Oh and by the way…Did I mention my better half is back home again?

“Only Joking Sweetie…Love you!”

3 thoughts on “‘Top Dog’

    • I am just sorry to hear things have been difficult for you my friend.
      You are a good person and I feel confident your situation will work out to your advantage.
      Thank you for visiting
      Take care

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