Walking through Chichester the other day I saw this woman who had just visited Waterstones book shop where she had presumably found herself a book and was engrossed in it. As can clearly be seen here in this capture.

The book entitled ‘Afraid to Die’ is the fourth novel in a series by the author Lisa Jackson.

I can’t say that I have personally read this book but it must have had quite a good story line; as it managed to keep this reader static on this bench seat for some considerable time?

I crossed over the road and decided to pop in and read a brief review purely out of curiosity. It read as follows;

He stalks women, and then he paralyses them with a stun gun, paralysing them with volts of electricity. Later, in his frigid, icy lair, hidden in the Bitterroot Mountains, he strips them naked and pours layer after layer of icy water over them. They die from hypothermia. As the water hardens and builds into sheets, he begins to carve ice sculptures out of his victims.


A nice little bedtime read for all the family then eh?

I decided a coffee was the best option and maybe a read of my last minute holiday deals booklet which I had picked up whilst here in Chichester?
Sipping my coffee I noted that they were offering a great deal on a little log cabin which could comfortably accomodate up to six people.

It boasted breathtaking views over Bitterroot Mountain? It really sounded like a bargain…they had even specified that the price was frozen!!

Nah! I don’t think so. Maybe I’ll just check out some cruises instead?

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