‘Latest Winter Olympic Discipline’

'Latest Winter Olympic Discipline'

Of the many things I find distinctly amusing; this simply has to be one of them!

Having recently become an avid follower of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and having now followed most of the exciting sports and disciplines. I have to admit to being completely ignorant to discover that I had not yet seen; or indeed even heard of this particular discipline?

However, one presumes it must exist as it can clearly be seen here being boldly advertised on the front of the models T-shirts?

One can only imagine how difficult this would be for the sword-weilding competitors involved?

For a start competitors must wear the necessary proper equipment, including a face mask?? Also a robust pair of fencing pants. Not forgetting protective gloves.

Then apparently; officials thoroughly check each of the participants before each bout, to ensure their equipment reaches all safety standards? Oooer missus!

Fencers must also weild an approved weapon? Whether this be a foil, a saber or an epee?

Bouts are judged by the amount of times a fencer touches their opponent with their weapon! This touch process must fall within the approved target zone, and even more importantly, it must be inside the designated play area?

So there you have it, a very quick update on the basics.

In the meantime though, I shall continue to watch the excellent coverage of these present Olympic Games; and will just wait and see if this new sport really does exist?

I wonder though; once they have all donned the appropriate safety clothing, equipment etc. and been issued with their weapons of choice!

Would any of the fencers be tempted to enquire. “Excuse me; but does my bum look big in this?”

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