‘Looks like Rain’


Unbelievably it is still raining hard in UK. When will it end?

We are presently on ‘Amber Alert’ which is at least less worrying for many folk, as it sounds less threatening than our recent Red Alert. Meaning; take action! ‘Risk to Life’

We have had 80 mph winds we have seen rising river levels, water barriers being constructed, trees brought down, damage to buildings, road closures, public transport cancellations, huge waves pounding the coastlines and homes and buildings destroyed.

The Environment Agency has put in place 14 severe Flood Warnings, 65 Flood Warnings and 116 Flood Alerts across the South East of England.

But are we bothered?

Nah…Like a little bit of rain is going to stop people like this guy! Seen today braving it all; with his brolly up, he defiantly strides out determined to get to his work!

Yes this weather truly is very depressing; and I can’t help but feel for all those who have lost businesses, and livelihoods having suffered the very worse floods ever recorded!

Todays blog then is published as a token of heartfelt thanks to all those who got up this morning, and went off to earn a living!

It is also to acknowledge the amazing efforts being carried out by the Emergency Services, Environment Agencies, Army and Navy, and all those selfless volunteers who continue to give of their time to help those less fortunate; during this unparalleled and seemingly relentless crisis.

Summer seems a long long way away right now!

5 thoughts on “‘Looks like Rain’

  1. The weather over the last few months has been pretty bad all over. Hope it ends soon and we can start enjoying some nicer days 🙂 That said, rain can definitely bring on some good atmosphere for photography!

  2. It’s been a ridiculously wet winter in the UK. Everywhere is just a bit off … too warm in the Arctic, too cold in the U.S. It’s good that you’ve captured it. I love how the rain has distorted him. I’m trying to picture you taking the shot in the downpour.

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