“So that’s what the sun looks like?”

After a visit to my dear old Mum today I decided to drive back from Southbourne and stop off for coffee in the lovely town of Emsworth.

I like Emsworth; It’s a friendly place, and has featured in a couple of my previous blogs.

It offers the visitor a variety of wonderful walks, and when it’s busy; as it was today, it’s a neat little venue for street photographs.

What was more surprising today however, was that after such horrendous weather of late; there were quite a few people out and about.

Some enjoying lunch in the local cafes and bars; whilst others simply preferred taking in the sea air or spending quality time on an untypically pleasant Sunday afternoon. A good day for families.

Some though I was rather surprised to see; were viewing the cost of vacant waterfront properties in the windows of the local estate agents??

Anyway, I digress. Whilst returning from my little cafe where it had been so good to see so many people sitting outside at the tables and chairs, many wearing their sunglasses, but all talking to each other and sharing a smile.

There were kids running all over the quay and having so much fun watching the local boat-owners bailing the gallons of excess water form their weather beaten crafts.

I wanted to capture this image because I was so taken by the happy disposition of this young couple who had literally just stopped opposite me. Sharing a joke together they both instinctively directed their gaze skyward; seemingly looking on in awe at the sheer brilliance of the sun?

Now although I can fully accept that this is indeed a rare sight to see these days; and it’s presence today certainly came as a long awaited respite; visibly raising everybody’s spirits. Especially these two!

So of the many shots I took today; for me it was this one!

With this querky window display serving as a slightly different backdrop, boldly advertising the finest fish and chips perfectly complimented with a pint in the local DOOMBAR’ it just seemed to work?

I love the expression on the face of the young woman. But together this happy young couple seemed to typically capture the general mood I personally witnessed throughout the town today!

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