One more shot from my Emsworth visit yesterday.

These rather ornate ‘all things nautical’ style gates can be found as you make your way to the popular little cafeteria situated on the quayside.

I really do like all of the visual images and their shape and design. This considerate and well thought through process has served to ensure this gateway accurately reflects many of the more familiar local themes.

I think that they are a real feature; and beautifully capture the unique qualities of local lifestyles?

Like many other places; Emsworth suffered some of it’s ‘worst’ flooding in years with high rising water levels. But as I said in yesterdays blog entry; people actually seem to have become more positive about enjoying these better days. More resolute and stoic in their general attitude to such life events?

Indeed the floods seem to have served to draw many friends and neighbours in our communities even closer together?

Today then is the second day where we have not had to put up with; or inevitably experience yet another predictable daily dousing.

So long may it reign!

But not that rain…If you get my drift?

Perhaps I best just leave it there for now eh?

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