‘Seven Sisters’

'Seven Sisters'

Had a phone call completely out of the blue last night, and it was arranged for me to have a day out with my son Duncan, his lovely wife Kylie and their three fantastic kids!
My better half was otherwise engaged (and was out shopping with her mother)

As it’s half term here in U.K. we felt that a long challenging and refreshing walk, might help blow away the cobwebs and give us all some healthy exercise?

Well eventually we made for ‘The South Downs’ to walk the famous chalk cliffs known as ‘The Seven Sisters’ This certainly was a very challenging walk. However we did all achieve our objective, although certainly left us all feeling completely knackered!

On returning back to where we had originally parked the car, we immediately cleaned most of the mud from our footwear and made a rapid retreat to the local fish and chip shop in the small town of Seaford where we bought ourselves a pile of chips and rolls and a selection of refreshing canned drinks.

Then with the vittles on board we retired back to the seafront where we sat in our vehicle overlooking the beach. No words were spoken we just all sat and ate our chips.

The roadway where we had parked was covered in pebbles both large and small; all of which had been thrown up onto the tarmac from the storms.

Many of the beach huts were showing signs of broken and shattered glass. These had equally suffered the full force of the winds!

Lunch completed we headed back to Portsmouth and on arrival the two girls were very very sleepy and it was evident the walk and the journey had taken it’s toll.

Exhausted, elated and all ‘full up’ we were nevertheless unanimous in our agreement; this had been a really great day out.

For me it is always a pleasure to spend days like this with family. More especially though with the kids.

Just to be picked up, and to be driven there and back, then to enjoy a brisk walk followed by hot salty chips on the beach in the company of your own; well what can I say?

“Some days are Diamonds…Some days are Stone”

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