‘Pirate Pete’s’

'Pirate Pete's'

We had the opportunity to look after our grandson Kaden today.

It was his little sisters fourth Birthday and so she and her sister; along with their Mum and Dad were all off to ‘Peppa Pig World’

And because our Kaden is now nine years old; this particular outing held no appeal for him whatsoever.

We decided to take him for breakfast; after which we walked around a while before going to my daughters place where he unexpectedly hooked up with a friend of his; who is just a year older.
He also was equally bored with his days events, having a younger brother and a new born baby to contend with.

And so it was agreed that we (my better half and myself that is) take the two older boys to ‘Pirate Pete’s’ which they were more than happy to do!

Now “Pirate Pete’s’ is a replica ship with tunnels and all sorts of things, but is arguably borderline entertainment for two boys their age?

It quickly became evident that how they had both remembered the place being when they were a bit younger; had since changed in terms of their expectations!

Instead it had become completely ‘over-run’ by a villainous crew of much smaller and much much more racous mini pirates!

And so, whilst both the boys were off reliving their youth; we sat patiently in their cafe area.

And here we continued to sit amongst the prams the empty drink cartons the discarded chips and the half eaten remains of chicken nuggets!

Despite this though, we both tried hard to appear like we were completely un-phased by this whole nightmare experience.

Now many parents present today were obviously seasoned visitors. Most were busy on their mobile phones and seemingly only ever distracted if their toddler was standing directly alongside their table and crying uncontrollably. Was suffering from severe heat exhaustion? Or was in the somewhat unattractive process of sniffing up and re-cycling a very long and very dangly suspended snot…with not a tissue in sight!

Then just as I was about to loose the will to live; all of the tables began to empty?

But then, as if to add insult to injury; a whole new new pirates crew had begun to arrive.
So as the early visitors started to leave; so this new crew were all arriving, consequently the noise levels got even louder!

At one point it felt like a real mutiny was taking place!

So in order to distract myself a bit I decided to give my camera lens a clean! I also thought it might take my mind off the din!

I glanced across the cafe tables and saw this lady and her partner who had just arrived and selected their place at the window. I then turned the camera lens towards them and snapped this image.

I will admit to ‘chimping’ a quick look at the capture on the screen before me; and was a bit surprised to see that It looked to be such a tranquil capture??

Here then is the end result.

I have to share something with you though. Before I put this up on my blog page tonight I thought I might just ask my better half if she liked the final image?

She stared at the screen for a moment then replied loudly “Ooharr Cap’n!”

“That’s not even remotely funny… I said to her!”

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