‘Comical Road’

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Took a walk into Commercial Road today with the missus or ‘Comical Road’ as we know it here locally!

Surprisingly though; considering it was half term, there were’nt that many kids about the place. Even though the weather was being kind; and the general atmosphere was very easy going! Today was all about people out just enjoying the day.

Amazing what a drop of the old sunshine can do eh?

Anyway…the two young lads you see here in my little slideshow were the first people that caught my attention as I entered the town. Both were standing opposite me when I spotted one of them had a little dog tucked snugly away inside his jacket!

To good an opportunity I thought. So I walked over and asked if I might get a picture?

Both lads were “Yeah sure mate, no problem. Of course you can!”

Turned out the pup belonged to the taller lad. It had so much personality and was just a few months old. It looked a bit like a little ‘Ewok’ to me? Sweet little guy though as the image shows.

I have to say that these were two really nice young lads who I decided to shared my blog link with today. (Just hope they found the link okay and that they liked their photos?) Cheers guys!

These other shots I have included were just a few of the more interesting ones which caught my eye today, and which I wanted to capture. Particularly while the lighting was still casting some decent shadows.

I do like a visit down here now and again; mostly because it is probably the best venue around here for street photography! This is due to the many characters you get to meet and the variety of things that are always going on.

Perhaps Spring is actually on it’s way folks? Fingers crossed eh?

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