‘Strawberry Delight’

'Strawberry Delight'

Couldn’t resist this little shot!

It’s in Chichester High Street, it is mid afternoon; and I am drinking a coffee whilst sat outside in the sunshine.

Opposite stands an empty bench seat. Empty that was until this rather attractive and originally attired young woman arrived; holding in her left hand one carton of the finest strawberry delight which Chichester had to offer.

So then I began thinking to myself; I wonder if this might have been her tea break she was taking? Or had she perhaps spent one whole un-eventful day window shopping? Indeed had she possibly been attending a job interview? Or had she simply arranged to meet up with a friend?

Whatever it was that brought this young woman to Chichester today and had seduced her into purchasing one of it’s finest strawberry delights… I venture none of us will ever know?

But strange to think, that just a few short days ago, a sight such as this would have been hard to contemplate?

Today though the slogan chalked boldly upon the board outside of the ice cream parlour might have read something to the effect:

“Make them…and the people will come!”

Or just maybe…it was purchased for no other good reason than to compliment her rather fashionable ‘retro 60s’ style outfit?

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