‘Faces in the Street’

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Well now…I couldn’t let the day pass or indeed the beautiful sunshine without a trip over to Chichester today.

And although it was relatively quiet over there; I did nevertheless manage to capture some quite interesting images.

Once I returned home however, I found myself in a bit of a dilema regarding which image I actually felt happiest to publish. In the end I decided to put up a selection in a slideshow format.

Equally; I had not realised that we are off on holiday again this Friday; (Whoopee!)
I hadn’t actually appreciated that the date had come around quite this quickly?

Anyway…I then thought I should maybe submit one more photograph on my blog page tomorrow by way of a clue for you all?? And an image which will immediately help you guess exactly where it is we are headed? (It will be very easy I promise!)

Suffice it to say though; that we are going to a place where internet access will not be available! So obviously my posts here will now cease for a while!
(Did you just cheer then?)

Fear not though…Paparazzibob shall return!

It was through this sudden realisation that we were to be out of the country for a while; that I became somewhat desperate to try and get some ‘Street Photography’ in ASAP!

I do hope that you like the images I captured today?

Seriously though and joking aside; I can’t explain how great it was to spend a couple of productive hours this afternoon taking a leisurely walk around the town. With just myself and my camera for company!

So take care of yourselves everyone; and I shall look forward to catching up with you all when we return?

M********** here we come!

Right…where did I put that sun tan lotion?

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