“Just a couple of drinks they said!”

Hi there everyone; and thank you very much for your kind ‘welcome home’ messages.

I’m still kind of settling back into the routine stuff at the moment if I am honest? It’s wonderful to go away but it’s oh so nice to come home again and see yer ain kith and kin!

Well today seemed to zoom by as we were babysitting our lovely ‘Beau’

Now you might not have been previously aware but this most recent jaunt was a biggy for him; as he took his very first but long awaited aeroplane flight (A long 12 hour haul) and do you know what? Although he is not yet two years old; quite surprisingly he adapted amazingly well!

But I can tell you all this much. Since we all got home on Sunday he must have had some sort of growth spurt as he nearly ate us both out of house and home today.

“But he’s a growing boy” I was regularly and reliably informed by my good lady wife. (Who incidentally isn’t that much taller than him in the first place) “Though please don’t tell her I said that will you?”

Anyway, because it has all been a bit hectic I decided that this little snap taken at my grand-daughters recent Birthday bash might just raise a smile or two?

I was outside with her in the back garden of their home where she had been playing underneath their garden trampoline after returning from her party venue. She seemed quite happy under there on her own and so I just stayed back chatting with my boy at the kitchen door entrance.

We could hear her happily chattering away to herself and she seemed totally content with whatever it was she was had found to entertain herself.
Then after scolding her doll she suddenly gets up places both her hands on her hips then puffing out her cheeks she swishes past us both saying saying loudly “Barbie’s being silly Dad”
Then she proceeds to strop off through the kitchen and upstairs into her bedroom. Somewhat perplexed we both walk over to where she had been playing only to be presented with the image you see posted here today.

Now God knows what Barbie and her friends had been up to! All I can tell you though; is that it looked like she and her girlfriends had possibly partaken in one to many tiny drinks!

Whatever will Ken have to say I wonder?

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