“Sshhh…I don’t think he’s seen us?”

It would seem that every time I visit Chichester I am captivated by these two little characters.

I love all types of street art; and I think that when it is done properly it causes people like myself to question and to think about it’s purpose.

I truly believe that if something causes the viewer of such artwork to smile then I greatly respect and admire the artists ability as well as their initiative.

I would love to know how the origin of these characters emerged and indeed something of the processes that had to be gone through in order that they were afforded the relevant permissions to even be there?

I imagine how the person having finished the final brushstroke must have felt standing looking up at their work whilst cleaning off their brushes?

Then maybe sitting close by and just watching the reactions of the people passing by?

Strange as it may seem I must admit that I do find myself checking that they are still there with an almost monotonous regularity.

Moreover I am always pleased and even reassured that they are indeed exactly where I saw them last, and have’nt sidled off to further explore the shadowy streets and alleyways overnight and lost their bearings?

And for some inexplicable reason their presence will often lead to me making up a variety of amusing captions in my head. I tend to ponder on just what the artist might have been thinking when he/she created them?

What were their primary thoughts and reasons? Why is it they eventually decided to position them here?

I regularly stand close to this location and enjoy seeing the reactions of people. Most though stand chatting on their phones, whilst behind them these imposing stick figures loom large!

Often these shoppers appear alarmingly unaware even of their immediate surroundings; let alone the existence of the figures who on closer observation appear to visibly press themselves even closer to the cold bricked wall.

It must be pretty cool to have a piece of art displayed somewhere prominent and which evokes so many varied thoughts and opinions in peoples minds?

Or which as I stated earlier has the ability to make someone stop and take photographs from their cameras and from their mobile phones whilst at the same time laughing and enjoying the moment; then sharing the capture with friends.

Maybe you have a thought on what these figures might be saying to one another?

The list I am sure… is endless!

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