Picture the scene.

You waken to find the morning sunshine now bathes the room. It feels warm as you stretch and slowly try to open your eyes.

You shower and dress and you enter the lounge. Here again the sun has created it’s very own special light offering you a reassuring ambience. The net curtains dance and billow as they are caught momentarily in a gentle breeze.

The coffee maker which you switched on prior to your shower now bubbles and spits so you pour yourself that first coffee of the day. It tastes strong and rich, and is made all that more special having been poured into your favourite bone china cup. Placing it on top of it’s saucer you take a teaspoon and begin to rhythmically stroke the black liquid within as you head towards the balcony.

Opening the doors widely you step out into the brightness. Leaning forward you glance over the rail to observe and to listen to the river as it rolls and swirls and bubbles beneath you; it’s sound interrupted only intermittently by the sporadic pitch of birdsong.

Easing yourself down into your pre-positioned chair; you tilt your face upward towards the morning sun.

You eyes close softly as you allow your arm to settle comfortably on top of your balcony rail.

“Mmmmm” you exhale deeply…”How I love the Spring”

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