I felt it only right and fitting that I should dedicate today’s blog entry to celebrate the fantastic achievement of my amazing daughter and her brilliant friends featured above.

In fact here’s to everyone who made this fantastic initiative the success it has become to date.

These six ladies above though are definitely highlighted as being special because despite their very hectic lives and busy schedules; some of which involve looking after young children.
Got themselves up today after eating their high carb laden meals last night; and together as a team they SMASHED 2014 ‘Combat Marathon’s’ 3 hour challenge!

This year it was held again at the local Havant Leisure Centre at 10am this morning with Dean, Tammy, Sarah, Kirsty, Kate and Nicola.

And it was all about raising funds for cancer Research.

My own daughter Jodie was competing for Florise Elliott her partners Mum whom we sadly lost two years ago.

Cheekily I have utilised the photographs which these ladies themselves had taken and so I feel safe in the knowledge that it will be okay to publish them on my blog entry today? (Fingers crossed that is)

We hear some very negative stories in the News these days. So that sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are some amazing people out there who are prepared to put themselves up for challenges such as this one, at every given opportunity.

So I am sure that I speak for many when I say Congratulations to everyone involved.

You are all a credit to yourselves, your friends, and to your families. You did something wonderful today and for such a worthy cause.

“Outstanding performance ladies…You helped kick cancers butt big time!”

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