‘Picnic time’

'Picnic time'

Couldn’t resist this little capture. It was taken when we as a family went to visit ‘Manor Farm’ taking full advantage of the noticeable change in the our weather.

We had spent a few hours just walking and enjoying our time together when I decided to go off track a little and took a little time out just watching the gulls and wildfowl from the waters edge.

Having tried to take a couple of shots with the camera I decided I best rejoin my family who had walked on ahead of me. As I looked through the hanging branches I caught sight of this mother and her two boys.

Not realising I had just watched as the boys father had paddled off upstream in his Kayak; taking with him one of the younger siblings.

I remember laughing as the craft was stalked for a while; until that was the waters depth prevented any further progress by their family dog. A stroppy little Jack Russell.

As their Kayak moved out and into the deeper water the little dog just stood there up to his neck in the shallows whilst barking indignantly.

Meanwhile back on dry land this mother appeared to be negotiating with her boys just exactly what they wanted to eat first.

This of course involved much thought and discussion on the boys part; but to her credit Mum remained calm and patient whilst awaiting their responses.

I do love the fact that families more and more these days happily make their own entertainment; which can with a little forethought and preparation; work out almost cost free.

Kids still get excited and enjoy helping prepare sandwiches cakes and snacks, or filling up flasks; even packing games and blankets!

They load the car to include bikes or in this case a Kayak, then it’s off to the country. On arriving a short time later the car is parked and together they share the load and carry the essentials down to the riverbank.

Then with their favourite ‘spot’ selected everybody just gets on with enjoying themselves. Caught up in the simple pleasures which our beautiful Country parks have to offer.

Family fun, freedom, and fresh air… Fabulous; for sure!

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