Welcome to ‘Albion’ on the second day of our recent holiday to Mauritius.

We all awoke at various times throughout the morning feeling somewhat jet lagged from our recent long haul flight.
Eventually though we all gathered in the kitchen where the search for food commenced in earnest.

I recall that it was a particularly hot and humid morning so it was decided that a dip in the pool before breakfast might be the better option for most.

Jumping in the water felt amazing; and we ended up spending more time than we had initially intended; only fuelling the need for a breakfast even more!

After we had dried off and assembled on the terrace each wrapped in towels; we all began consuming a variety of things from yogurts toast or cereals.

However, I think that the bursting yoke in an egg sandwich was the one thing that seemed to generate the most interest and appeal overall.

After a short period of time my daughter and her partner suggested that it might be nice to take a short walk down to the beach in Albion. This was only some twenty minutes or so away.

So we quickly packed some iced water and used the push chair to ensure that ‘Beau’ our little grandson was able to doze should he wish to.

So the photographs today are a brief record of some of the initial sights we saw on our first stroll outside the apartment.

One thing I do need to mention at this point though is that in Mauritius; there are ‘many’ stray dogs. These can present the unwarey with a bit of a problem, especially when they roam about in larger numbers?

However, and in fairness they are merely part of the whole experience; and so aside from some growls and posturing or the occassional barking they caused us no problems whatsoever.

The more fortunate ones that were lucky enough to be taken in as house pets are all exceptinally good guard dogs. And dutifully announced their presence to us every time we past close to their owners residence.

The beach though was amazing and it immediately brought back happy memories from my own childhood.

It was wonderful to dip your feet in the clear water and to lose yourself for a while just searching for sea life creatures. To watch the tiny scurrying shell carrying hermit crabs and spider like star fish or to admire the vividly coloured fishes as they darted in and out of their hiding holes.

Yes; all of this life and frantic activity was going on right beneath my feet. All dwelling between the rocks and crevices and all surviving in their warm salt water baths.

The locals apparently fish here most days catching huge specimens of fish lobster and crab!

I was stunned though at the amount of beautiful white broken coral which was scattered everywhere you placed your feet; and which you would feel guilty about crushing with every footstep.

This though proved to be a welcome first visit and for me a really interesting introduction to the local area.

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