‘Best Friends’

'Best Friends'

This sweet little capture was taken on the penultimate day of our holiday.

I had decided to take myself off for a walk that morning and to try and shoot some final images to take home hoping I might get to include one or two in my ‘Street’ category.

I had been out walking around for about an hour and recall the heat was getting intense; and so I decided that I best return to re-hydrate and maybe take a cooling dip in the pool.

I was almost home and in fact was just turning into our driveway when I was distracted by these two young lads who on seeing the camera commenced waving and shouting ‘Friends photograph! Friends picture please!”

I jokingly turned the lens in their direction and they posed whilst beaming with laughter. I moved closer to them and fired off another shot and todays contribution is the one I felt most pleased with.

After I had shared the image on my camera screen with both the boys again they laughed loudly pointing towards the screen and then to each other.

I was about to walk off after having thanked them both when they suddenly stood up, and then almost in unison they placed their right hands with fingers extended across their hearts and bowed their heads in appreciation.

I smiled broadly back at them repeating this kind gesture. This though seemed to make them laugh even louder.

Then they walked away together their arms over each others shoulders. Stopping briefly they then waved goodbye to me one last time as I turned off in the direction of our apartment.

I must confess that this unexpected though very memorable distraction left me smiling for some considerable time afterwards.

I really hope that you enjoy the image and that the natural happiness clearly shining from the faces of both these young boys might also make you smile? If only for a moment.

It really does pay to carry your camera doesn’t it?

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