‘To the Tooth Fairy’

'To the Tooth Fairy'

My son popped over on his way to work yesterday and over some supper he started to share a story about our seven year old grand daughter Megan.

It transpires that she had lost a tooth recently and had carefully placed this beneath her pillow when she had gone to bed.

And as most like minded kids do; she had informed her Mum and Dad and retired to her bed safe in the knowledge that the ‘Tooth Fairy’ would positively and absolutely be making a house visit to her room that very night!

However, due to a hectic evening at work and arriving home later than envisaged; Dad unfortunately forgot to remove the aforementioned tiny tooth; or indeed to replace it with a shiny pound coin!

Worse still; Mum being equally exhausted had taken to her own bed earlier; assuming all would be taken care of?

Consequently one disappointed young lady with tears in her eyes arrived at their bedside saying that her tooth was still under her pillow.

So after making it clear to their beloved daughter that the tooth fairies did often get really busy; and that sometimes had to catch up on the backlog of little children’s teeth. They reassured her they would definitely turn up that night!

Later that evening and almost in a last ditch effort Megan proudly produced the note you see above.

Her Mum even took the time to sign it as requested in her teeny tiniest writing!

Megan has since spent her pound and is hoping for more teeth to fall out any time soon.

Bless her little heart!

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