‘Spring Forward’

'Spring Forward'

Well it’s that time of the year again here in U.K. when we are all being reminded that we must put our clocks forward at 1am on Sunday, March 30. by one hour!

That’s one hour of peoples lives lost! Gone forever…

However, as you are no doubt completely aware the theory of this all dates back to 1895, and is observed by most of the Western world.

So these two happy shoppers captured enjoying the sunshine and wearing their trendy dark shades will need to remember this!

It is the general consensus that people are more productive when our daylight hours are extended?

Records show that ‘British Summer Time’ was first implemented in 1916.

Allegedly though; this has a very positive side inasmuch as there seems to be less recorded crime, fewer accidents on our roads, and as a bonus; we all spend less on our household bills?

Oh and we all feel happier in ourselves when daylight is extended.

Looks like maybe these two young people both of whom look somewhat radiant; might have decided to put their own clocks forward early?

But whatever your thoughts; we only have to wait until October 26 until once again we are once more all left in the dark… (no changes there then!)

“But fortunately for us though; we can at least look forward to that extra hour in our beds eh?”

“Nah Night!”

One thought on “‘Spring Forward’

  1. We just had our time change not so long ago. It’s nice to get that extra bit of daylight – so I can go out taking pictures after work now!

    Excellent photo, Bob. Is she giving you a “thumbs up”? 🙂

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