‘Happy Mothers Day’

'Happy Mothers Day'

Well now…for those of us lucky enough to still have our Mums around us?

Then I am sure that just like the young lady in my image today; you may also have done a spot of visiting of your own today?

Armed of course with your carefully and considerately selected versed card. Maybe a large bunch of flowers, or possibly a selection of her favourite chocolates?

Well today I honestly lost count of the number of people we spotted; each in their Sunday best armed with one or more of the above; and headed out with their families; all excited to share and express their heartfelt love and gratitude.

So there we have it.

To all you wonderful Mums out there and especially to those sadly no longer with us. Today’s blog is totally dedicated to you!

Enjoy your special day; enjoy your families, and thank you.

Thank you all; for being you!

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