‘Sightseeing in Mauritius’

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Day 3 of our recent holiday over to the beautiful Island of Mauritius and it was time to do some sightseeing!

The slideshow highlights the four places we spent some time in and these were selected in the following order:

Firstly then we drove to ‘Ganga Talao lake’ also known as ‘Grand Bassin.’ We were informed whilst there that just the week before we arrived there had been an annual pilgrimage culminating in a huge celebration.
This is attended by thousands and thousands of people from the Sikh Community here on the island.

Remarkably many worshippers walk here taking days on end to attend this Religious gathering. So dependent upon where one lives on the island; this can often mean them walking many many miles.

The impressive statue in one of todays images is of the ‘God Shiva’ and stands an impressive 33 metres high; totally dominating the skyline.

Whilst there we noticed another such structure was in the process of being erected directly opposite this one; this at the time was completely surrounded by scaffolding.

No doubt this new addition will prove equally astounding to anybody fortunate enough to be visiting in the near future?

Other slides show views of the beautiful lake along with the temple. Incidentally, the waters here are said to have been created using the actual water from the River Ganges itself.

This was an incredible place to see and one where you could attend prayers or alternatively bathe in their sacred waters.

Our second stop was to visit ‘Black River Gorges National Park’ prior to soaking in the magnificent vista we were treated to a brief visit from a troop of local and very mischievous monkeys.

From here we attended the ‘Chamarel Waterfall’ For your information I have included the information board in one of my shots so that you might read for yourself the details about this stunning sight.

I thought the ‘Lovers locks’ which you will see in two of the images in my slideshow and which were secured to the railings here; were just a sweet little addition to this very impressive visitors attraction.

After this tranquil setting we went over to see the famous Giant Tortoises who were happily showing off despite the scorching heat of the day; to their latest gathering of enthusiastic visitors and onlookers. Gentle giants indeed!

Then before we took a visit to their local beach for a drink and a brief ‘pit stop’ we had time to admire and photograph The 7 Coloured Earth’ feature also here in Chamarel.
Once more I have included a photograph for you to view and which explains exactly why no plants will ever grow on these dunes!

Thank you for looking today and I hope that you all enjoy the images I have taken?

For me this proved to be an exhausting day; but one which was uniquely educational, and superbly rewarding.

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