Emsworth… and this Mum and her young daughter along with their little dog were the only patrons visible in the garden area of this local cafe.

Having braved the cold and checked the menu Mum had ordered herself something warming to help take the chill off the day. Her smile bearing testimony to the arrival of one bowl of the hot soup of the day accompanied with some fresh crusty bread to dip into it!

The little girl on the other hand had gone for some good old eggs on toast and was pensively awaiting it’s delivery to her place at the table.

So although the anticipation for both these lone customers was soon to be over; there was of course the sad tale of their little dog.

As can be seen in the image today it’s little face; coupled with his absolute best attempts at crying and pleading…were all seemingly carried out in vain; and he was unable to coax even a crumb of kindness at the time!

The look of cautious apprehension seen on the face of the waitress is however down to me and was as a direct result of me having walked into the garden area at the exact moment all of this was occurring.

So although It’s not really the weather yet for sitting outside I must admit I still do it… and obviously others feel the same way.

And on a happy note; whilst I sipped my coffee sitting at the table across from them the little dog was eventually treated to some toast by the little girl, and so everyone was happy in the end; and I managed to get a shot into the bargain.

So thanks everyone.

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