‘Go For It!’

'Go For It!'

I was out walking along the seafront recently when I saw these two ladies approaching me in the distance. Both out enjoying a morning run.

Despte it being a little bit blowy down there this did not deter either of them from maintaining a steady pace. Both making progress but running at a comfortable pace where they both still had sufficient breath to chat with one another.

As I have stated before in previous blogs; Us Portsmouth people often fail to appreciate the many benefits from being so near the sea!

Just to be able to take advantage of some bracing sea air at a time which suits and to savour the brilliant surroundings which the stretch has to offer; is a joy in itself.

Walking, Skate Boarding, Wind Surfing, Swimming, Jogging, Cycling or whatever it is that floats your boat; can be undertaken completely free of charge.

But for the many fitness fanatics who do take full advantage of the promenade here there is nothing more rewarding to them than to meet up and to don those tainers.
Then after a proper warm up and a full body stretch to tackle a productive mile or two run before starting their daily chores.

Unless of course it’s the weekend that is?

News broadcasts continually remind us that here in U.K. as a Nation we are now overweight; some even bordering on being morbidly obese. So for the sake of our own health and to ensure the future health of our own children and grand children surely it is essential that we all make an extra effort to try to get some form of exercise regime going in our busy lives?

To find an activity which we can enjoy, and which we can benefit from and see the changes it brings to our well being. Something which will benefit our hearts and keep our weight at safer and sensible levels.

So all credit to these two ladies who have both dressed suitably for the occassion and who will no doubt reap the benefits for their efforts.

There are so many positives to doing regular exercise. It has been proven to help us cope better when we find ourselves in stressful situations; it helps us maintain a calm exterior; and it has huge benefits in terms of our mental health.

The Summer will soon be upon us so pick something you really feel you would like to do and ‘GO FOR IT’ I can promise you; you will not regret it.

From personal experience I found that it was often better when just starting out on such activities that you try to ensure you have motivational and inspiring people around you.

It’s amazing how they will spur you on when you feel like you can’t continue. They will encourage you so that you don’t give up at the first hurdle.

So if you should decide you’re definitely going to give it a try; Then may I wish you all the best of luck! ‘Go for it!’

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