I do love the Markets. There are so many characters to watch in full flow and everybody always seems up for a laugh.

Many of these hard working traders are just great fun to watch and the patter they all use to coax you into buying is simply brilliant.

The guy in my shot today was selling olives; and believe you me I love my olives with a passion.
So I became interested when this apparently ‘non- olive lover’ in shot posed the trader a question.

His question was concerning the heat generated from a recent sample tasting he had tried of one particularly hot chilli filled olive?
Obviously this was just one of the many flavours which were being promoted this particular day.

I continued to look on as the trader then patiently went through an elaborate and rather convincing explanation regarding it’s origins and taste.

He continued further about the wide variety of equally flavoursome combinations also on offer at his table until eventually; the now obviously interested buyer smilingly relented.

But not until he had cleverly savoured a few more samples of the other plump and succulent specimens there on offer.

I must remember this ploy for my future ventures.

“Abracadabra…just like that!”

One thought on ““Abracadabra”

  1. I absolutely love visiting markets! For me, the ones in Asia are the best – with so many different items and of course, people that just can’t avoid my camera! Wonderful photo, Bob! The expressions are fantastic – and the man’s hands tell a great story!

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