‘Our Beau is Two Years Old’

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Our Beau was two years old yesterday and we were invited to his house for fish and chips! Life really just can’t get much better than that now can it?

It was an intimate little affair as he is celebrating his Birthday properly tomorrow with all his little pals and their Mum and Dads. So in honour of his big day I decided to put up a slideshow of him on tonights blog to let you all see how far he has come.

I appreciate it’s a not maybe to everybodys interest but we are all just so proud of him. He really has turned out to be such an amazing little character and so much fun to have around.

Anyway I wanted to officially say thanks to his Mum and Dad for our chip supper last night and also to Beau who obviously single handedly did so much hard work in getting everything organised for our visit?

And as if that wasn’t enough; once we had finished our ‘chip butties’ we were then treated to a gorgeous lemon swirl cheese cake for afters. A delicious and welcomed surprise indeed.

We then played with all the new gifts and toys until it was Beau’s bedtime and returned home happy and content.

So Happy Birthday little man; you are a credit to your parents and you are loved; very very much.

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