‘First Martial Arts Tournament’

'First Martial Arts Tournament'

Just got back from our ‘Beaus 2nd Birthday Bash’ and was delighted to hear from my grandson that he took second place having got through to the final of his very first Military Martial Arts Tournament.

So sorry to gloat yet again…But I just couldn’t let this achievement pass without acknowledging his efforts.

Tonights image was our Kaden just minutes after he arrived at the party today. This particular shot is of him and his Uncle Stefan.

It’s so good to see the dedication and commitment he has. He works really hard and regularly attends his classes. It’s wonderful to be part of all this; and I love to see him growing more and more in confidence.

Equal credit though to his family; and in particular to his Dad. Now the reason I say equal credit to his Dad; is because it’s Kadens Dad who is the class instructor.

As the majority of parents would I know testify; it is through his unstinting belief in his students coupled with constant support and encouragement; that such acolades are achieved.

Many students attracted to these classes have had to overcome bullying at school; and yet have still managed to get back their self confidence and a belief in their own abilities.

I believe this is a brilliant initiative. A safe place where kids can not only have great fun; but also learn self respect and discipline.

Our Kaden; just like all of the students that attend his classes is independently graded and assessed. At nine years of age not only has he managed to gain his green stripe belt; but he is now called upon to work with and encourage many of the younger children.

And because he demonstrates this level of maturity for his age; he also occassionally gets to spar with many of the older kids in his class. This is something he seems to be gaining a lot from; and which he enjoys immensly.

So well done for today Kaden; we are all really proud of your efforts and hope you enjoy your well earned and well deserved first ever Trophy?

I know Mum and Dad are having it engraved for you, so that it can be put up in your bedroom? But I promise you we will make sure you get a special treat for all you’ve done today; okay?

“Just don’t tell your sisters though eh?”

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