‘The Capital City of Port Louis & Valijee’

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Some images to give you all a flavour of our first venture into Port Louis.

Now although I can testify to having visited some pretty hot destinations in my time; this particular day we were advised to go into town after mid-day…as it would be; quote; Cooler!!!

Well all I can say is that I am glad we didn’t go in before then because whilst here we almost melted! (Our ice creams certainly did)

Port Louis was initially founded by the French governor and colonist Bertrand-Francois Mahe de la Bourdonnais in 1735.

Having initially visited and seen first hand the bustling and vibrant activity of their Central market or ‘Champ de Mars’ we then tarried a while in the main business and administrative side of town.

This is literally packed with office workers throughout the whole of the day (many carrying umbrellas and some guys unbelievably were wearing suits and ties!! How? Just how do they do that?)
Evenings here though are dedicated to dining out along the famous Caudan Waterfront.

So after a good walk around to look at the many sights on offer we sat down to enjoy a cold beer and look over at the waterfront to admire an array of rather expensive looking crafts all bobbing about and moored just off the shoreline.

From a photographic perspective though I really loved the ‘Avenue of Umbrellas’ a couple of images from which I have included in the slideshow today. What a beautiful idea this was; and so simple. It just looked brilliant!

With tired feet and hungry bellies we returned home to freshen up and take a quick swim before taking our two hire cars over to meet with Jose and Marie-Michelle and other family members at Vivy’s house; as she had very kindly extended an invitation for us all to dine with them at their home in Valijee.

The welcome could not have been better and it was here we spent several memorable evenings in the end; laughing talking and sharing the most delicious and filling meals. Not of course forgetting the now infamous ‘Mauritian Gadjak starters’

It was here also that many of the grown ups in attendance that evening had themselves played as kids in this very same back garden as their children now played. They also had swung around the crooked metal pole which supported the washing line just as you opened the metal gate from the roadside. This house was indeed where it had all begun. You could almost sense your part in it’s past and relish all of the far reaching memories which it so obviously stirred in the hearts and minds of all who were present.

It was a privilege to be made to feel such an important part of this family; and to reflect on the real values we should always remember to treasure; especially in our busy and often unnecassarily complicated lives.

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