‘Right; this is definitely your last cuddle okay?’

'Right; this is definitely your last cuddle okay?'

With some time for myself today I took a drive over to the ‘Petersfield Market’ as the weather was still being kind.

Having parked up I spent the first part of my morning just browsing around the little shopping precinct whilst obviously keeping a careful eye on what was happening around and about me.

Firstly I saw a young guy kneeling on the pavement outside the Bank. On the ground mounted on a piece of board he had skillfully fashioned a boxer dog completely out of sand. Understandably he was drawing quite a bit of attention from the children and their Mums as they passed by him.

Next we had a youngster possibly from the local school here who was palying some classical music on her violin. She also seemed to be doing quite well; as visitors to the Market dropped their change into her case as they exited for the main shops.

We had a representative of the Salvation Army with his collecting tin and alongside him we had a very people friendly guy from the RSPB also collecting for his cause.

So all in all; there was a fair bit of activity today for such a small place as this.

I fired off some images and then decided to check out the local antique store (one of my other passions in life!) but as I was walking through and out towards the walkway; I could’nt resist lining up a shot of this little girl knelt down on the pavement and cuddling a very tiny poodle.

Mum though was noticeably running short on patience; possibly because what had started off as a quick walk; had actually now become a bit of a mission!

This was due in no small part to the fact that it was obviously imperative for her daughter to stop at regular intervals to both hug and also to reassure her tiny furry four legged friend?

I smiled as her Mum turned frustratingly away and gazed longingly into the void. I could just imagine this little girl then whispering quietly to the dog…

“Right: this is definitely your last cuddle okay?”

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