‘It’s a Dogs Life’

Another couple of images from my visit yesterday. I saw this guy setting up shortly after I had arrived, and he was there for most of that afternoon creating and adding the finer details to his boxer dog which he made completely from sand.

Okay; so it may not look all that spectacular; and I would assume most of you reading this have seen similar or indeed far more elaborate structures made from sand? And I of course would have to concur with you on that.

But what was nice for me, with this particular guy at least; was that he was completely absorbed in what he was doing, and although not in any way encouraging money from anyone in any way; he took the time to thank those kind enough to offer him any small token of their appreciation for his skill and patience.

The sand dog certainly appealed to the children of Petersfield; and it seemed to resonate with their parents too; all of whom stopped with prams and their heavy shopping bags to admire this little work of art.

I returned there on three occassions to find different people just standing and gazing. Some were taking pictures using their mobile phones whilst others were enquiring of the guy just how long this particular piece had taken for him to create.

Again, with a big smile of appreciation he spent time explaining this as best he could.

More and more these days we seem to be getting approached when out around our local shops, by a wide range of individuals! All seemingly after our hard earned cash? Some of these people are genuine and with very worth while reasons and causes which they endeavour to support. Others though can make us feel awkward or uncomfortable about our choice to support their cause or indeed to choose not to?

This young guy approached no one. Rather he worked away on what he had come there to do; his skill and the end product made the children of Petersfield smile and equally amused their busy parents; even if only for a brief moment or two.

Mostly people liked what he was doing and ultimately made their own choices as to whether they wished to reward him or not. For me it’s all about attitude and I don’t respond well to feeling pressured? I decided to give him some change by way of a thank you for helping ensure I got today’s photographs.
And for little ‘Sandy’of course!

So good luck to him is what I say…Nice one my friend.

2 thoughts on “‘It’s a Dogs Life’

  1. I really like your outlook on life, Bob. Very refreshing and inspiring. Excellent write up and series of images! Kind of a cool thing to see, out there on the streets 🙂

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